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A Brief Introduction

I am Zahra Mansoori, Master Graduate of Artificial Intelligence from Sharif University of Technology. To see full resume, visit my Business Homepage.

I am Full-Stack Web Design Certified form Tehran Institute of Technology and worked there as Tutor since Nov '18. I have accepted as International Trainer at LearnDesk.US which is located at Silicon Valley, California, United States.

I have experienced in field of web developement since there were basic versions of HTML, CSS and Dynamic Programming such as ASP; since 2002.

How To Order For a Website

You can visit my Web Design page in order to get information about how to order a website.

Personally, I am majoured in gathering, managing, separating and designing Special Homepages.

There are some pre-designed templates you can order, or templates could be designed indivisually for you.

In order to contact, simply send and email to my email address mentioned here.

Sample Uploaded Projects will be listed here

Web Design Course

I have some documentation about web design which are located here (Password Required)

If you need Remote Learning of Front-End Web design (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery) under Adobe Connect Platform, Just send me an email.

You can get more information about web design course, visit

Sample Students Projects are Uploaded here.